Testimonials from our customers

KwikGuards during COVID-19.

Erin Moore, Patina Brewing Co

During the COVID-19 (coronavirus) outbreak, we all need to do our part to keep workers, customers and the public safe and healthy so we can stop the spread. In order for Patina Brewing Co. to do this we needed to outfit the space with Kostklip’s KwikGuard Ceiling Hangers. At our front counter, divisions between seating spaces, creating cubicles, and conversation/ordering in our Growler Room.

Without KwikGuards, we would not have been able to host very many customers and revenue would have dropped to a point of closure. The Kostklip KwikGuard helped us to retain sales, customers feel safe & confident with this protection, we have managed to retain our employees by alleviating fears in both the staff and customers.

The product we chose is clear enough to see others in the brewery yet feel safe. From an owner’s perspective the quality of product is outstanding. We are regularly hearing from customer that they "love it." When they walk in they say " 'Wow this place looks so great!'"



Working with kostklip.

Jim Kijewski, Wakefern

Wakefern has had the pleasure to have worked with kostklip on many projects including store resets, remodels and new stores. Kostklip has helped the team at Wakefern reduce costs when first ordering store equipment. We have a variety of store fixtures, and kostklip was able to review our fixtures and provide SKU reducing solutions that helped us save on labor and operational costs. Kostklip fixed our problem of losing and falling UPL tags. These are required as an integral part of price comparison, item location, adherence to government regulations and overall customer service. I’ve worked with several team members from their inside and outside team, and they always provide exceptional service on top of their quality products.



Face Shields for Hawthorne.

Lenore Pickering, CEO, Hawthorne Seniors Care

It is so heartwarming and energizing for all our staff to be recognized and appreciated for their continued efforts against COVID-19. Your donation of face shields came at the perfect time to reassure staff of the continued commitment to keeping everyone safe.

From donations like yours, to the 7pm noise and sirens, our staff are reminded of the Community's support and thanks for the part they are playing in keeping the seniors at Hawthorne safe

We are so thankful to have the support of such generous Community Partners such as kostklip. You have reinforced that truly "we are all in this together".