Are your signs surviving the seasonal elements?

Kostklip's Telescopic Pallet Sign Holder is a versatile tool that helps display signs over large displays, both in-store and outside. Kostklip's compatible sign holder accessories provide a complete pallet display solution, that will extend the life of your paper signs while protecting against seasonal elements.

Use kostklip’s Telescopic Pallet Sign Holder to display signage over crates, pallets, menu boards, wayfinding and gaylords. Use the sleek and adjustable sign holder to display signage around your store. The large, low-profile base secures the sign holder under pallets, crates and other displays. Combine the Pallet Sign Holder with a Banner Hanger, One Fold Sign Protector, Three Side Sealed Protector or Fluid Resistant Zip Pouch and Frame Overlay to complete your merchandising display.

Telescopic Pallet Sign Holder

One of kostklip’s long-time customers needed a signage solution for their Home and Building stores. Using kostklip’s Telescopic Pallet Sign Holder, the customer was able to display their signage needed throughout aisle pallet displays.

Telescopic Pallet Sign Holder

Kostklip’s Telescopic Pallet Sign Holder was designed with all seasons in mind. Compatible accessories provide good-for-the-environment solutions that can be reused all year long, despite seasonal elements such as rain moisture and UV damage.

Telescopic Pallet Sign Holder

Many customers are challenged with a solution that can withstand outdoor elements such as heavy rainfalls and UV damage so they turn to laminated alternatives, which can be a costly solution.

Sign Protector Labor Savings

Laminating is a popular way to protect signs and documents, but the ongoing costs are significantly more expensive than using reusable sign protectors. Depending on size and volume, hot laminating can cost up to $0.83 per sheet for single use. Kostklip’s reusable sign protectors are also better for the environment. Instead of throwing away both the plastic sleeve and paper sign each week, reuse the plastic sign protector and recycle the paper sign inside.

One of kostklip's customers recommends using kostklip's Fluid Resistant Zip Pouch for merchandising paper signs outdoors.














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