50 Years of Innovating In-Store Communication

What started as one grocery store manager’s idea for a clip to help hold his price tickets in place has grown to become a leading company in innovation and quality for all things that help retailers display prices, signage and organize their shelves.

Kostklip’s goal is to provide quality products. We take pride in our manufacturing and quality testing procedures to deliver the most functional and durable product. Along with strict internal processes for producing the best product, we recommend that customers follow the below in-store usage guidelines to maintain a high level of quality and functionality.

How kostklip does it differently


With over 20 years of designing and innovating ticket moldings, kostklip® has lead the way with the highest quality shelf edge moldings. We work with our trusted suppliers to develop raw material formulas that can withstand high impact, function in low temperatures and resist UV rays to prevent discoloration; which cannot be found in non-kostklip branded moldings.

Kostklip® designs and manufacturers over 80% of our products using materials and resources from North America.

Quality Testing


Our PVC sheets are specially formulated and tested to ensure high impact resistance before production, guaranteeing quality, durable products.


Ticket moldings are tested on store shelves. Kostklip® carries a full line of standard shelves from all major brands including Hussman, Madix, Hill Phoenix, Lozier, etc. then matches the ticket molding to the shelves they are intended to fit.


PowerGrip® and ClearGrip™ holding strength is tested between two different materials by the weight the grippers will hold. We also test to confirm that there is a strong bond between clear material, colored material and flexible material in our extrusions.


We test our raw material upon sourcing for specific products in a UV tester and compare it against our competitors'. UV exposure is accelerated against the plastic, and lifetime and degradation levels are calculated.


Kostklip® performs inspections at regular intervals during production. Measurements and test results are recorded on a quality control sheet specific to that production run.

Quality Checks


INSTALLATION: Please follow instructions outlined in kostklip's Fixture Reference Guide or seek assistance from your company's kostklip® contact. Select installation videos are also available on our YouTube channel.

CLEANING: Install ticket moldings on a clean and dry surface. To clean ClearVision® and ClearGrip™ ticket moldings, use a cloth with soap and warm water. Avoid using acetone based cleaners as it breaks down the plastic.

STORAGE: Store kostklip's products in a cool, dry location. Temperatures exceeding 100°F/38°C can cause the product to warp. Keep stored products out of direct sunlight.

PRODUCT WARRANTY: Kostklip's products are warranted to be free of defect(s) in material and workmanship for 90 days from the date of receipt of goods at the Customer's location. Any questions or concerns, contact kostklip® with the information found on the part.


Kostklip® adds tackifiers to our tape adhesives, overcoming the low tack problem, and only use top quality, name brand, North American made tapes. This allows the use of durable, all-purpose and high strength adhesives that can also be applied quickly.

We use strategic carriers on our cost-effective rubber adhesives, to make them more durable and keep them in place. Our foam tape has a 1/32" (thicker than standard) carrier for a very high sheer strength!

Tape Facts

Kostklip® offers the highest quality products, just like our quality service.