Save with Plain Paper Tickets!


Replace expensive full color adhesive applications with low-cost laser printed price tickets, labels and signs using kostklip's high quality, letter-size micro-perforated paper.


Non-Adhesive PerfPaper™ Advantages:

  • Labels are micro-perforated for a smoother tear-away edge
  • Paper expressly engineered for high quality laser printing
  • Eliminate expensive color adhesive labels and card stock signs
  • Reduces damage from moisture and dirt
  • Reuse sign holders to save time and money
  • Keeps labels aligned with SKUs
  • Quick and easy label change – no adhesive residue


Available in the following sizes:
1.25"H x 2"W32 on a sheet
1.25"H x 2.5"W24 on a sheet
1.25"H x 3"W18 on a sheet
2.5"H x 3.5"W 9 on a sheet
3"H x 5"W4 on a sheet
3.5"H x 5.5"W4 on a sheet
4.25"H x 5.5"W4 on a sheet
5"H x 7"W2 on a sheet