Are you keeping pace with FDA product labeling requirements and rising trends?

With the recent implementation of new menu labeling requirements from the FDA, labeling could inspire green growth in increased sales along plant-based choices. Today, nearly 15% of food and beverage sales come from products sustaining a plant-based diet and 39% of Americans are actively trying to eat more plant-based foods.

With so many retailers struggling to get people in-store, it's no surprise that many stores are placing a heavier emphasis on fresh categories such as deli service stations. Nielsen's Total Food View indicates "fresh and perishable foods generated sales of more than $177 billion in the latest year. Across the FMCG brick-and-mortar landscape, fresh categories have driven nearly 49% of all dollar growth this year."

Kostklip's TwistKlips™

With the rapid evolution of plant-based trends and consumer requirements for product education, the ability to act on current demands while identifying and preparing for new ones is critical to company success. Within the plant-based product offerings, innovation is booming and plant-based food options and posting significate sales growth.

Vegan and Produce Growth

Customers want feel-good buying decisions. IDDBA Trends discusses "in-store deli operators need to determine how to become an asset for the demand moments that drive shoppers to the department and innovate ways to meet those needs. If operators position the deli as a center for meal solutions, great food, and a resource for those wanting to learn more about food and food preparation, it will begin to give a renewed sense of confidence among shoppers."

Shopping is a social experience, and exceptional shopper experiences lead to repurchase. Consumers want to experience a clean and tidy deli that easily identifies their products of interest. Kostklip's one-stop signage solutions contribute to your customer's enjoyable shopping experience, encouraging them to keep coming back to your store.

Vegan Diet Trends

With nearly 28 million consumers in the United States and 4.5 million consumers in Canada who follow a vegan or vegetarian based diet, mass merchant grocery stores are needing to create awareness of plant-based products at the shelf edge, to avoid losing that consumer to a specialty boutique.

Vegan Bakery Signage

Kostklip's Deli Case Program  provides deli merchandising solutions, even in the most complex application areas that will assist you with displaying FDA menu labeling requirements. With an integrated system consisting of protective sign sleeves, TwistKlips™, and adjustable sign holders in a variety of sizes, stores can optimize visibility and improve their customer's shopping experience while keeping service stations clean and uniform.

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