Easily convert a T-divider into an L-divider to fill product right to the ends of your shelf.

Kostklip's SKU reducing, innovative, tear-away dividers allow for time-saving and easy installation and optimal product allocation. Enhance your customer's experience by maintaining clean and organized shelves throughout the store. Kostklip's 2-in-1 Magnetic Dividers can be configured in a variety of sizes to meet your product facing and shelf depth requirements. Simply bend back and forth at the notch to break off and convert a T-divider into an L-divider. Strong magnetic tape will keep your dividers at your desired position. Curved corners provide a safe and easy reach for customers reaching for products and staff restocking inventory.

TLD Dividers

A real-life case study using kostklip's 2-in-1 Magnetic Dividers:

Customer Challenge:

A longtime customer of kostklip® with nearly 300 stores was looking at ways to reduce product allocation and restocking labor.

They had Shelf Management Pushers and Pullers in several areas of the store, but found that many products located along the shelf edge did not work well with standard shelf management systems. Different product sizes, unique packaging heights and a wide range of product weights made it difficult to use Pushers and Pullers. Products were constantly mixed together, causing confusion for the in-store shopper, while additional labor was required for the store employees trying to create a well merchandised shelf edge.

2-in-1 Magnetic Dividers

Kostklip’s Proposal:

Kostklip's challenge was to create an easy-to-install shelf management system, that would work with all types of products, with as few SKUs as possible.

Faced with this shelf management challenge that was required to work in all center store departments, kostklip® was able to develop a new innovative product; 2-in-1 Magnetic Dividers.

Kostklip's Solution:

During consultation and store testing, it was determined that using kostklip's 2-in-1 Magentic Dividers saved the customer 30% per year in labor expenses for restocking and alignment activities. This allowed the customer to redirect their annual savings to other areas on the business. This customer saved over $22,000 per week in labor costs by switching to kostklip's 2-in-1 Magentic Dividers for all departments found within their center store.

Kostklip's solutions are more than just a product line; full service programs and 360 degree manufacturing capabilities allow kostklip® to quickly and efficiently cater to custom preferences without outsourcing to 3rd parties. Kostklip® is about you and not limiting you with just catalog options. Kostklip's catalog is merely an idea book, in fact over 70% of what kostklip® does is custom.

While you are trying to create a good customer experience, kostklip® wants you to experience the same with them.

Easily execute in-store marketing campaigns with a consistent look, while keeping your product where it matters most - at the shelf edge, your most valuable real estate within the store.

TLD Dividers

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