According to Nielsen Fresh, US deli sales increased 4.1% over last year to $25.1 Billion.

The deli is a magical sensory driven place for consumers.

Over the years, food was traditionally looked at as fuel. With consumers becoming more aware of what they are eating and product transparency, deli products have now become a celebration of all things in life that are good.

Deli Signage

Having the proper signage is a must-have to create an enjoyable shopping experience.

Kostklip's Deli Case Program  provides deli merchandising solutions, even in the most complex application areas. With an integrated system consisting of protective sign sleeves, TwistKlips™, and adjustable sign holders in a variety of sizes, stores can optimize visibity and improve their customer's shopping experience while keeping service stations clean and uniform.

Kostklip® recently attended the International Dairy Deli Bakery Association Show (IDDBA) in New Orleans, and listened to influential speakers such as:

Aaron Rodgers, Quarterback, Green Bay Packers

Jim Donald, President & COO, Albertsons Companies

Ginger Hardage, Former SVP of Culture & Communications, Southwest Airlines

Daymond John, CEO & Founder, FUBU

Eddie Yoon, Founder, Eddie Would Grow

From enterpreneurs, to industry leaders and celebrities, IDDBA's speakers provided business insights for winning grocery strategies, tapping into the growing demand of in-store deli products.

With US deli sales increasing 4.1%, how will this impact your in-store deli signage displays?

 Deli Stats

Deli Signage

Customers want feel-good buying decisions. IDDBA Trends discusses "In-store deli operators need to determine how to become an asset for the demand moments that drive shoppers to the department and innovate ways to meet those needs. If operators position the deli as a center for meal solutions, great food, and a resource for those wanting to learn more about food and food preperation, it will begin to give a renewed sense of confidence among shoppers."

Shopping is a social experience, and exceptional shopper experiences lead to repurchase. Consumers want to experience a clean and tidy deli that easily identifies their products of interest. Kostklip's one-stop signage solutions contribute to your customers enjoyable shopping experience, encouraging them to keep coming back to your store.

"The deli is in a unique position to become the destination consumers crave for food and experiences." Sharon Olson, Executive Director, Culinary Visions Panel.

Deli Signage

What's your deli merchandising strategy?

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