Boost your sales by 20% with kostklip's Gluten Free ShelfTalkers™!

According to a Grocery Manufacturers Association study, shelf talkers increase the likelihood of a shopper to engage with a product on your shelf by 29%, resulting in purchases of items not on their list by 20% or more.

Gluten Free ShelfTalkers™

According to The Gluten Free Agency, 68% of Gluten Free Consumers shop at three or more different stores per month to find gluten free foods. With over 15% of North American households using gluten free products, mass merchant grocery stores are needing to create awareness of gluten free products at the shelf edge, to avoid losing that consumer to a specialty boutique or online store.

How are you identifying your gluten free products along the shelf edge?

Easily execute your in-store gluten free merchandising strategy and create impulse buys using kostklip's "Gluten Free ShelfTalkers™". Kostklip's ShelfTalkers™ are colorful, reusable, printed plastic shelf edge signs designed to clip into kostklip's ClearGrip™ Shelf Edge Labeling System.


Gluten Free Statistics

According to U.S. News, it’s estimated that 30% of US grocery shoppers are shopping for gluten free products. With the global gluten free market projected to reach US$6.2 billion by end of year and North America contributing about 59% of gluten free sales, gluten free shelf edge labeling is an in-store must-have merchandising strategy.

Do you have the right sign, in the right place, at the right time?

By displaying gluten free signage along the shelf edge, an estimated 30% of your in-store shoppers will make impulse buys, increasing their basket size by 20%.

Display your gluten free signs from all angles using kostklip’s ClearGrip™ Shelf Edge Labeling System. Kostklip's ShelfTalkers™ and cardstock signs can be quickly inserted anywhere along the shelf edge with the built-in flush grip. Combine with kostklip’s ClearGrip™ Right Angle Sign Clip to display right angle message and recipes at the shelf edge.

ClearGrip™ Shelf Edge

ClearGrip™ is a non-adhesive shelf edge labeling system with a clear, flexible window and built-in flush outer grip that grips larger cardstock signs. ClearGrip™ is an integrated system that includes ticket moldings, plain paper tickets and ShelfTalkers™ that creates an efficient and effective in-store signage program. Watch our latest video on YouTube to see how easily it is to install kostklip's ClearGrip™ ShelfTalkers™.

Kostklip's ClearGrip™ with ShelfTalkers™

What's your gluten free shelf edge strategy?

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