March is National Frozen Food Month!


We love food holidays. It's an excuse to eat and celebrate things we love. With the never ending rise of the IoT and everything social media, it's no surprise that when National Food Days come around, they become trending topics. So the next time Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram reminds us that it's #NationalIceCreamDay, promote your products online to get your customers in-store to stock up on their favorite ice-cream and create impulse buys.


Kostklip® is here to assist you with creating shelf edge solutions for all your in-store marketing campaigns. Whether you want your customers to know specific frozen food products are on sale, a staff favorite, gluten free or organic, dairy free, nut free, vegan or keto - we can create signage solutions to support your advertising messages; allowing your customers to quickly find the right product for their needs.


We also provide ticket molding solutions to keep your price tickets and larger signs in place, even in colder enviroments.

A few weeks ago we posted about our brand new, innovated Water Resistant Ticket Molding - a first of it's kind solution to prevent milk spills from spoiling your signage. If dairy spills are a problem in your store - contact us to request free samples of our Water Resistant Ticket Molding to test in-store.


Contact kostklip® today to learn more about our solutions for freezers and coolers, or to request samples of any products mentioned above!