Protect your signs from wet elements while reducing your carbon footprint and operational costs.

Many customers are challenged with a signage solution that can withstand outdoor elements such as heavy rainfalls and UV damage so they turn to laminated alternatives, which can be a costly solution. Unfortunately, laminated signs are not reusable which creates unneeded operational costs when switching signs. However, kostklip® provides feel-good reusable sign protector solutions that will protect and display your signs, even in the toughest of environments. When it comes to sign changes, instead of throwing away both the plastic sleeve and paper sign each week, reuse the plastic sign protector and recycle the paper sign inside.

Sign Protector Labor Savings

One of kostklip's customers recommends using kostklip's Fluid Resistant Zip Pouch for merchandising paper signs outdoors.



Kostklip's Vinyl Pouch with Zipper is a flexible, fluid resistant option for outdoor retail signage. The zip lock feature protects signs in areas exposed to moisture, preventing damage from seasonal elements and wet areas. Sign pouches are available in a variety of in-stock sizes and can easily be customized to fit your in-store signs. Combine kostklip's Fluid Resistant Zip Pouches with kostklip's TwistKlips™ for a complete water resistant signage solution.

Kostklip’s TwistKlips™ are versatile sign holders for endless number of applications including, wet areas like Floral, Produce, Deli and Outdoor departments. The large clear clip has a firm grip and attaches almost anywhere while providing optimal visibility to read in-store signs.

Fluid Resistant Zip Pouch Sign Holder

Additional cost saving solutions can be found in-store, such as produce areas prone to misting.

Kostklip's Water Resistant Ticket Molding allows price tickets to be displayed without getting destroyed from moisture. The innovated special locking window eliminates spillage or the occasional misting from making contact with your paper tickets! The window opens from the bottom and locks closed, repelling liquid from entering. Kostklip's Water Resistant Ticket Molding is compatible with Hussmann®, Hill-PHOENIX® Flat PTM, Kysor/Warren®, Tyler®, Streater®, and Madix® C-Channel shelving applications.

Water Resistant Ticket Molding

Combine kostklip's Water Resistant Ticket Molding with reusable ShelfTalkers™ for a complete, water resistant shelf edge strategy.

Are you looking for ways to reduce in-store waste? Watch your waste and your wallet with kostklip's reusable and water resistant Sign Holders and Shelf Edge Labeling Systems.

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