84% of grocery shoppers shop exclusively in-store.

According to a new Gallup poll, 84% of consumers never buy groceries online.

Food Shopping Dining Options

Despite online delivery services growing steadily and Artificial intelligence (AI) shopping assistance, most American consumers only shop for groceries in-store. For those that did order meal prep kits or groceries online, or takeout and delivery services (mostly parents and higher income households), Gallup provided information of the online grocery shopper personas.

Online Grocery Shopping Habits

81% of Americans grocery shop in-store at least once a week.

According to Gallup's July 1-11 Consumption Habits poll, about one-third of Americans (32%) shop for groceries in person more than once a week, about half (49%) shop once a week.

In a world where consumers are craving product information and driving product labeling regulations, it is more imperative than ever to have an in-store shelf edge labeling system that aligns with your brand and merchandising needs.

Ashley Mincey, Personal Grocery Shopper and current Top 10 MasterChef contestant mentored by Chef Gordon Ramsay knows the importance of a shelf edge labeling system. When kostklip® sat down with Ashley last month, she discussed grocery shopping pet peeves such as product stickers falling to the ground. “I hate when product stickers aren't even there on the shelves because they've fallen on the floor or haven't been updated. Now, I'm spending extra precious time trying to find the correct Frozen Buckwheat waffles or Mild curry blend.”

Ashley Mincey

What if your consumers (like Ashley) never had to worry about fallen signs again?

What if you could also save 67% in material and labor costs at the shelf edge?

The first step towards saving 67% is with kostklip’s ClearGrip™ program.

ClearGrip™ is a non-adhesive shelf edge labeling system with a clear, flexible window and built-in flush outer grip that grips larger cardstock signs. ClearGrip™ is an integrated system that includes ticket moldings, plain paper tickets and ShelfTalkers™ that creates an efficient and effective in-store signage program. Kostklip's Signature Series ShelfTalkers™ and cardstock signs can be quickly inserted anywhere along the shelf edge with the built-in flush grip. Watch our latest video on YouTube to see how easily it is to install kostklip's ClearGrip™ ShelfTalkers™.

With kostklip’s ClearGrip™ shelf edge labeling system, you will never have to tape your signs to the shelf edge again. Your customers and staff will never have to pick up fallen signs and try to identify where that ticket came from.

ClearGrip™ Shelf Edge Coolers

ClearGrip™ ticket moldings standardize over 90% of a store's fixtures, which means Procurement can purchase the same sign holders and ShelfTalkers™ for the whole chain. View kostklip's Shelf Edge Fixture Reference Guide below to find the ClearGrip™ ticket moldings that are right for you.

It is kostklip's job to assist you as a retailer to achieve the ROI required. By engaging kostklip®, kostklip® will assess your current program, provide you with the tools and expertise to evaluate and implement a cost effective and customer appealing program while providing you the products required to execute your shelf edge strategy.

What's your shelf edge strategy?

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