Merry Christmas from kostklip®

December is here, and kostklip® is embracing the holiday spirit.  We love to give back and support local – so we are offering one of our lucky NewsKlips subscribers a hand-picked Best of BC bundle!  Not yet a subscriber? You can sign up here. Our prize basket contains some amazing festive goodies that will spice up your holiday entertaining.



  1. Thai Chili Infused Honey
    Staff Pick: Add a scoop to your favorite green or herbal tea, to help fight those horrible winter colds. Also, toss your favorite raw nuts with honey, chili and garlic powder, and bake until golden brown.
  2. Double Chocolate Macaroons
    Staff Pick: Snack on these when enjoying your Christmas Blend coffee
  3. Almond Butter Crunch
    Staff Pick: Perfect crumbled topping for maple donuts or coffee cake.
  4. Bold Organic Christmas Blend coffee
    Staff Pick: Add steamed Irish Cream for a holiday treat.
  5. Beaver Rub Original Seasoning
    Staff Pick: Slather this dry rub all over your Christmas turkey. Also add a few pinches to your freshly popped popcorn to kick it up a notch.
  6. Apricot & Pistachio Shortbread Cookies
    Staff Pick: These compliment any afternoon high tea platter.
  7. Cheddar & Red Pepper Shortbread Cookies
    Staff Pick: Spread your favorite garlic or roasted pepper goat cheese over these savory cookies.
  8. Raspberry Habanero Jam
    Staff Pick: Use this to create a delicious barbeque sauce for ribs or chicken wings, or simmer into a reduction to add a twist to a classic caprese salad with peaches.
  9. Peppermint Chocolate Bark
    Staff Pick: For an easy holiday dessert, simply enjoy this as is.
  10. Salted Honey & Lavender Gourmet Marshmallows
    Staff Pick: Perfect topping for lavender lattes, white hot cocoas, or lavender lemon ice cream.
  11. Cranberry Ginger Shrub Cocktail Mix
    Staff Pick: Create a signature holiday Moscow Mule, by adding a splash of this with your favorite vodka, and ginger beer.
  12. Sangria Gourmet Cotton Candy
    Staff Pick: Top your Cranberry Ginger Moscow Mule with this to take your holiday drinks to the next level.

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Winner will be selected on Monday, December 12th.

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